Surgeons and other helping professionals
Dr. Menard and Dr. Brassard's website from
Montreal. Quebec, Canada

Yes I'm partial to Dr. Menard and Dr.Brassard as I had my SRS there in January 1997. I
had a wonderful experience and am greatly pleased with the results - Linda A. Simpson
Dr. Sanguan Knuaporn's

Web Site in Phuket, Thailand
for SRS and other surgical procedures.
Dr. Meltzer
Formerly in Portland, Oregon Dr. Meltzer is now in Arizona.
He is considered one of the best SRS surgeons in the world.
Dr. Suporn Watanyusakul (MD)
site for Gender Reassignment in Chonburi, Thailand
(near Bangkok
"The unexamined life is not worth living. The unlived life is not worth
examining. Be the change you want to see in this world. "- Gandhi
Dr. Anne Lawrence's Transsexual Women's Resources website
continues to be the best overall website for information on GRS/SRS, personal accounts,
medical opinion and information, along with post-operative photo's of vulva's of
transsexual women by various surgeons.
NOTICE: The TSMC has closed!

Transgender Surgical and Medical Care Center: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
A full service transgender surgical and care center by Doctors Futrell, Manders, and Sheila Kirk.  Dr. Kirk is,
herself, a transgendered surgeon.
Mr. E.P. Walker
is a surgeon specializing in plastic surgery and gender
reassignment surgery in New Zealand.
Dr. Gary J. Alter  M.D.
is a Los Angeles plastic surgeon who specializes in
transgender surgery.
The New Sex Change Indigo Pages
An extensive list of SRS surgeons along with information on
where to purchase  vaginal dialators and general information.
The Transsexual's guide to Neenah
has additional information on  Dr. Schrang's  
SRS program in Neenah, Wisconsin.
Dr. Eugene Schrang
Dr. Schrang's website with information on his program in Neenahm
Dr. Schrang does male to female and female to male genital surgery as
well as associated plastic surgery enhansements
The Reed Centre
Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) in Miami
Note: Scheduling and nursing services are still provided through Dr. Meltzer's  Portland, Oregon office  but  surgery is now
done in Scottsdale, Arizona where Dr. Meltzer has moved his practice to.
Sex Reassignment Surgery
Information compiled by Lynn Conway
Lynn Conway has compiled historical notes, descriptions, photo references and links concerning
gender identity and sex reassignment surgery.
Dr. Marci Bowers
A surgeon who does GRS?SRS and other
cosmetic surgeries in Trinidad, Colorado
Dr. Schrang
Dr. Bowers
Dr. Menard
Dr. Brassard
Dr. Neal Wilson
Performs SRS in Detroit, Michigan